Docemus Linguam Latinam - We Teach Latin

Docemus Linguam Latinam - We Teach Latin

“For a classical education, Latin is not an option - it is an essential. It is the sine qua, that “without which” a classical education is not classical.” - Martin Cochran

1. Supports our own English Language Learning

Our own English language is based on Latin. In fact, 60% of our vocabulary are direct literary descendants. In addition, 90% of our words with two or more syllables are from Latin.

Though the grammar of English language is no longer taught systematically in our public school, it is still necessary to learn in to have a deep understanding of all foreign languages, not just our own. Learning Latin grammar which is more organized and simplistic is a building block to comprehending the more complex grammar concepts of the English language.

2. Supports the Acquisition of at least Five World Languages

The following languages are spoken in 57 countries: French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, and Portuguese.  Each of these languages derived 80 - 90% of their vocabulary from Latin. Though the greatest advantage of Latin is toward the previous five languages, students have an edge when learning other inflected languages such as Russian and German. Using Latin as a springboard into other world languages makes future learning of modern language easy and efficient.

3. Supports the College-Bound Student

Not only will students score high on the verbal portion of tests such as the SAT, ACT, or the GRE, but Latin is the basis of most academically driven careers: medicine, science, law, government, logic, theology, and foreign language.

4. Supports Critical Thinking

There are two types of critical thinking: analysis and synthesis. You can also think of this as “compare & contrast”. Latin is like a puzzle. There are many little pieces of information you must “compare and contrast”. Through this critical analysis, Latin is pieced together in order to get to the translation. These pieces are strategic and systematic and can be learned by even young children.

5. Supports our Mission

As a classical, Christian school, we teach Latin.


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