In the summer of 2010, six families found themselves in need of a school. Having identified with the vision of the National Association of University-Model Schools, they accepted Gods call to establish one in their own community. The founding families (Edward and Jeannette Elliott, Clint and Sylvia Hallerman, Jack and Belinda Henson, Jennifer Lumpkins, Rita Mills, and Tina Strand ) elected Belinda Henson as Principal, Jennifer Lumpkins for Admissions, and Rita Mills for Finance.

With $360 and prayer, they opened Destiny Christian Academy in the fall of 2010 with 16 students as a transitioning University-Model School serving pre-K through 7th grade students in portables at The Destiny Center. Not knowing if the school would last even a year, teachers and administrators agreed to work for two years for no pay (in lieu of tuition for two attending children per full-time position) in an effort to s0w into this ministry. Because of their compassion and commitment, we have always functioned debt free.

Jesus continues to grow and develop our school. We have since elected a school board, received national certification from the National Association of University Model Schools, and have expanded our course offerings, adding one additional grade per year. In May 2014, having outgrown the capacity at our original location, God led us to our new home at LifePoint Fellowship. Partnering with this congregation has provided incredible blessings. With the help of LifePoint’s pastoral leadership, we believe God is preparing the way for future growth and effectiveness for both ministries. As part of the transition the name Legacy Classical Christian Academy was chosen to better suit the mission and goals of our school.

  • Legacy to represent our desire to build a legacy of believers, disciples, and servant leaders

  • Classical to represent our philosophy of education

  • Christian to represent the priority of Christ in our school and families

  • Academy to represent a society of distinguished scholars

Current School Board Members:

  • Mark Fisher, Member

  • Jack Henson, Member

  • Bruce McConoughey, Secretary

  • Jill Robinson, Member

  • Jonathan Hicks, Chair

Non-voting members:

  • Belinda Henson, Head of School

  • Rita Mills, Dean of Operations